Let us build campervan of your dreams

Make your dreams real

We are innovative and constantly trying new ways

Not everyone wants a classic motor home, this Iveco is an example


- Using birch plywood 15mm

- worktops from beech or oak

- Heavy duty linoleum on the floor

- Fullslides and good hinges

Manage space

- Shower in drawer or cabinet 

- Sofa beds / sofas

- There is always a way to find

Large storage space

- Garage storage under the bed

- Cabinets along the entire ceiling

- Full size cabinets with hangers


- Installation of solar panels

- AGM, Lead Carbon, LiFePo4 battery

- Voltage converters

- 230V mains connection


- Big water tanks

- Hot and cold water

- Drinking and service water

12V system

- 12V buttons with integrated circuit breaker
- USB sockets always within reach
- High quality double insulated cables
- All protected by circuit breakers and fuses


Just a few interesting details that we have used in the last build-in

We are building a unique piece for you

We will never build two identical cars

230V system

In cars, you can have 230 connected from external sources but also from the battery via the inverter

Everything is according to the customer

All details are discussed with the customer to maximize customer satisfaction

Solar system

With the installation of a solar system, you become independent of the energy drawn from the 230V grid


We are using products that support bluetooth and wifi. All you need is phone or tablet. 


We have a lot of ideas that could be o realized in your car.


We take pictures of all builds and make videos for our customers. The customer always knows all the details about his car.


Every car we build will be made just for you. I refuse to build same cars over and over. 

Every car is and will be unique.

If you like my job?